solar panel 5watt with 2 meters of wire plus battery clips ready to use! new

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reverse diode /temp glass /waterproof / monocristalline

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keep that battery alive!

 Unused batteries will have a short lifespan if not looked after properly

 A  5 watt high quality monocristalline solar panel is the perfect companion for the job!

                        This is for a 12 volt system and YES it will re-charge a flat battery if in direct sunlight!                                                    iv’e personally been using these at home/workshop for over 5 years and still going strong!

You can leave a spare battery/car sitting for years and the battery will be like new ready to go!

Perfect for camping / boating, nothing worse than a flat battery at sea, just leave it connected permanent!

You will be surprised how much longer the battery lasts.

new and improved sizing (smaller but same output)

comes with two meters of wire and (new)large battery clips

built in reverse diode important! (stops battery drain at night)

hail proof and water proof

cost you nothing to keep batteries charged!

Perfect for the spare car or boat/ride on mower/road bike

generator, anything that has rare use, you will need 2 of these units for large dual battery systems or we do sell 10 watt versions  See in store for deals on 2 panels! or the 10 watters

 It will keep a good battery in ready condition for the normal life span expectancy of that battery it wont let you down .               It will pay for itself in battery savings alone! You can also extend the wires to the length you need to reach appropriate sunlight.

can be used under laser-light roofs or in garage window sills

                                                            no need for voltage regulation due to low wattage                                                               You can leave it connected indefinitely!    it will not harm your battery.

 specs:                      5watt

max power                 19.2v

max power current    .30a

open circuit voltage    23.0

short circuit current    .30a

net weight                   0.6kg

   size                 313x165x18mm

temp range                  -40c to +85c

This solar panel comes with 2year instore replacement warranty!

warranty does not include battery clips.

panel output has a factory warranty of 25 years

buy with confidence!

we also sell 10 watt panels!

see feedback!              


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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 7 cm



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