Commodore VN to VP TH700R4 Automatic Transmission Transgo Shift Kit stage 2&3 (700-2&3)

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This 700-2&3 Reprogramming Kit fits 1982 to 1993 General Motors vehicles equipped with the 700R4/4L60 automatic transmission.

Features and benefits:

This TransGo Reprogramming Kit is designed for all-out shift performance.

There are two installation options with this kit. The first option gives you fully automatic shifts in “D” as well as the ability to hold any gear to any speed with the shift lever. It also allows for downshifts to any gear at any speed by moving shift lever. High throttle 3-4 shift is controlled by shift lever. The second option gives you manual shifts only. The transmission will start off in whatever gear the shift lever is in and will shift to any gear at any speed by moving the shift lever. This kit also includes our #7-CS 3-4 clutch piston return spring kit for the input drum which reduces centrifugal 3-4 clutch apply and failure in 1st gear at 5500 RPM or higher.

Lastly the kit can be installed with the transmission in vehicle or on the bench. However, transmission removal is necessary to install the clutch piston return spring kit.

  • Burnt 2-4 band and 3-4 clutch plates
  • Burnt forward and low/reverse clutch plates
  • Provides fully automatic shifts
  • Provides full manual control option for upshifting and downshifting 1st through 4th gear
  • Pressure regulator valve spring and snap ring
  • (3) Valve body plugs
  • (2) Drill bits
  • (3) TV valve springs, TV valve, spacer and aluminum washer
  • (3) 2nd accumulator valve springs
  • (2) Line bias valve springs
  • (2) USA-made hardened steel 3-2 control valves, springs and end plugs
  • 3-4 Shift valve spring
  • 2-3 Shift valve spring
  • (5) Separator plate plugs
  • (2) Case tapered orifice plugs
  • Case tapered plug
  • (6) Washers for band adjustment
  • Servo spring
  • Governor spring
  • Valve body gaskets
  • 3-4 clutch return springs and orifice capsule
  • Forward clutch return springs and installation washer

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