Ford territory SY 6 cyl Automatic Transmission DIY Oil Cooler Bypass Kit 6 speed 13837700

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Automatic transmission oil cooler kit (bypass) for Ford SY territory  6 cylinder

Six-speed 6hp26 models only 2006 to 2011 non-turbo

Made by drivetech

  • The cooler itself is made by longs best on the market! and comes with a lifetime Guarantee

  • Guaranteed to last longer than your vehicle!
  • Long-brand coolers are more efficient than any other cooler of its size!
  • This kit includes all that is needed to fit this yourself
  • Comes with comprehensive instructions (3 pages) hose/clamps/mounting kit
  • Highly recommended for any type of towing and to avoid water contamination to the transmission via a failed radiator or failed factory cooler
  • Transmission water contamination is very common in the Fords… and it’s a costly exercise to repair
  • The factory heat ex-changer is guaranteed to fail at some stage and you won’t notice until it’s too late!

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