ford zf6hp26 Service kit / zf mechatronic plug / gasket + filter (steel pan)

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 zf 6hp26 ford 6 speed service kit (for steel pan only)

comes with aftermarket duraprene gasket (better than cork) and a non genuine filter

plus genuine zf mechatronic plug

( all genuine parts have ZF embossed on it ) Non genuine mechatronic plugs get stuck in the ECU and can cost you a small fortune to fix.

always a good idea to change these during a service as they always leak.

the duraprene gaskets we highly recommend they seal very well and are thicker than genuine gaskets

and allow for any imperfections of the casing (common problem)

we also have the steel/rubber gasket kits in store

we have used plenty of them ourselves with perfect results

this item will suit ford 6 speed falcon and territory /land rovers/bmw

If you don’t want to be up for a rebuild please change your transmission oil !

The oil from factory does not last a lifetime.

We recommend servicing at 60,000km intervals

Genuine and Non genuine steel pan kits also available in store

why not add 6 bottles of genuine fluid?

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