Lucas, octane booster 444ml, 10026 x4 , 3 times more boost than most other brands!!

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THIS IS FOR 4 X BOTTLES OF: Lucas octane booster has three times more boost than most other brands on the market!

Volvospeed extract:-
When mixed in a 100:1 ratio of fuel to additive the Lucas Octane Boosted averaged a RON reading of 101.4 and a MON rating of 91.8. Giving Lucas in a concentration of 100:1 an AKI of 96.6 when mixed with 93 pump fuel. With a ratio of 100:1, this makes Lucas the most concentrated additive.

When used an a concentration of 50:1 103.1 RON was achieved with a MON of 93.5 giving it an AKI (Anti-Knock Index) ((RON+MON)/2) of 98.4.

To date, Lucas octane booster is the only booster tested that had significant results with only one bottle in the tank. One bottle is enough to make 10 gallons of 96.6 octanes out of 93.”

A genuine performance enhancer.

Treats up to 25 gallons of fuel! 

Suitable for fuel injected, carbureted, throttle body, and rotary engines.

Safe for turbos, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters.

Promotes cleaner burn and more mpg.

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