Lucas, oils-engine stop leak 3.789L, 10279 X4, designed to stop oil leaks+stop smoke (box lot)


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Lucas engine oil stop leak, it really works!   4 x 3.78-litre bottles ( BOX LOT )

Enough to do 16 cars +

  • no harmful solvents!
  • designed to stop seal leaks, some leaks need additives to soften the seals to prevent leaking. 
  • (old cars, high mileage, lack of service, etc)
  • do you have a puff of white smoke out the exhaust in the morning?
  • it’s a sure sign of a high-mileage engine! allow a few days for this product to cure the problem.
  • This product can actually extend the life of your engine oil by up to 50%
  • Lucas oil products are the best money can buy!
  • Made in the USA 

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