P clamps, p clips, 18mm x 50pcs, 304 Stainless Steel Rubber Lined, Cable Mounting, Hose Pipe Clamp.

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High-quality stainless steel EPDM rubber p clip, a bag of  ( 50 pieces. )

Commercial grade

( 18mm clamp x 6.3mm hole ) x 15mm wide metal strap, 18.5mm with rubber.


EPDM rubber stainless steel p clamp is mainly used in new energy vehicles, Marine/Marine engineering, electronics, railways, engines, aviation, electric locomotives, etc.

The wrapping rubber of OEM P Type Hose Clips provides excellent protection to the fixed wire and pipe, with good flexibility, smooth surface, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, good impact resistance, and waterproof, oil-proof, and dustproof.


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