ROYAL, (6128-250) Radiator flush, made in AUSTRALIA, 250ML

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Radiator Flush
Complete Radiator System Cleaner

Radiator Flush is a total cooling system cleaner. Radiator Flush uses a non-acid-based cleaning
solution. This advanced technology makes it compatible with all radiator systems.
Safely removes dirt, sludge, oil, rust, and residue from all radiators and cooling systems.
Summary of Benefits:
 Easy to apply to radiator cooling system
 Safe to use on all cooling systems
 Works within 5 to 10 minutes of applying (following instructions)
 1 bottle (250ml) can clean a typical cooling system

Treatment Process:
 Ensure the cooling system is not hot and at pressure.
 Remove the radiator cap and drain the radiator fluid /
coolant. Refill with clean water to 50% capacity and add
the bottle’s contents to the radiator. Finish filling the
radiator with clean water.
 Re-apply the radiator cap and idle for 10 minutes. Switch the
engine off and drain all fluid from the radiator system.
Refill with the correct Coolant from the Royal Precision
Lubricants range at the correct mixture rate.

Product Code: 6128-250
Product Size: 250ml


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