Snatch Strap kit 8 ton rated 9m x 60mm + 2 bow shackles 4.75 ton gloves with bag


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 The perfect recovery kit for any off-road adventure

What you will receive:  A true 8-ton snatch strap made from 100% nylon genuine 20% stretch

60mm wide x 9 meters long


Comes with 2 x MJ PRO protector sleeves/reinforced eyes for durability

: 2 x 4.75 ton rated and stamped bow shackles

: a pair of leather work gloves

: carry bag to keep it all together


Beware (polyester straps are not to be used as a snatch strap)

Make sure if you don’t purchase from us you buy a 100%rated nylon strap! for snatching with 20% stretch

Bystanders have been killed from recovering 4WDs using the incorrect equipment!

Buy with confidence.

Plenty more off-road gear in store!

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