TH700R4, turbo 700, t700, 87-93 rebuild kit, commodore, gaskets, clutches, band, full bush kit, all seals

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TH-700/r4 rebuild kit 87-93 (non-electronic) includes

  • gasket and seal kit VN-VP 87-93

  • genuine BW high-energy band

  • Update: due to supply problems clutch plate brands will vary between exedy/rabestos and genuine, all high-quality plates.

  • Now comes with a complete Exedy / Dynax high-performance clutch kit with high energy lining on the  3-4s (with heavy-duty teeth)  reverse and overrun.

  • now comes with a full 14-piece bush kit!

  • the filter includes all quality components!

  • Suits v8 or v6




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