ZF, lifeguard fluid 6 oil, Genuine 1L X8 bottles, suit FORD, BMW, LAND ROVER, JAG and most zf6hp transmissions.


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Genuine ZF lifeguard 6 fluid ( 8 x one-litre bottles)

in the genuine white bottles from ZF Australia

ZF Lifeguard 6 Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

ZF Lifeguard 6 is an automatic transmission fluid (ATF) formulated to enable maximum performance from automatic ZF transmissions exclusively. Its unique makeup, using carefully selected mineral base oils, provides outstanding results in transmissions, power-steering systems, and other hydraulic parts, even when operating under high stress or pressure conditions. With low viscosity, it delivers improved lubrication, better fuel economy, and reduced friction which results in easier shifting and minimized wear.ZF Lifeguard 6 has undergone significant testing to guarantee that it delivers maximum transmission performance while reducing the rate at which heavily loaded components in particular experience wear. And thanks to the specifically matched oils that have been chosen for their compatibility with ZF transmissions, it helps to extend the service life. If you’re looking for the perfect fluid for your ZF
automatic 5-, 6-, or 8- 8-speed transmission, Fuchs ZF Lifeguard 6 is for you.


  • Formulated exclusively and rigorously tested for use in ZF transmissions
  • Low viscosity formulation delivers improved lubrication, reduced material wear, and easier shifting
  • Decreased vibrations and improved sound dampening for a more comfortable drive
  • Improved fuel economy and reduced emissions
  • Outstanding performance in all conditions, across broad performance and temperature ranges
  • Extends service life of compatible ZF transmissions


ZF Lifeguard 6 meets the following specifications and approvals:


  • AML Oil No. 4G4319A509/AA/S
  • Audi / VW Oil No. G 055005 A1 / A2 / A6
  • Bentley Oil No. PY112995PA
  • BMW Oil No. 8322 0142516
  • Hyundai Oil No. 040000C90SG
  • Jaguar Oil No. Jaguar Fluid 8432
  • Land Rover Oil No. TYK500050
  • Maserati Oil No. 231603


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